Fair Wear formula in Kannada now online

The Fair Wear formula video, recently released in Kannada, is increasingly used in FWF's Workplace Education Programme. Kannada is the language spoken by most of the garment workers in Bangalore, the capital of the South Indian state of Karnataka.




Dutch documentary underscores high risk of child labour in Bangladesh

Tonight, Dutch television network VPRO broadcast the second episode of the documentary series De Slag om de Klerewereld which provides an insight in the Bangladeshi garment industry. Tonight’s programme addresses the risks of unauthorised subcontracting and child labour in Bangladesh.




Belgian Bel&Bo joins FWF

The first new FWF member to announce in 2015 is Bel&Bo. The Belgian company is one of the biggest fashion retailers in the country.



Our mission is to improve labour conditions in the garment industry.

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