FWF is an independent not-for-profit foundation. Independence is guaranteed by a tripartite (multi-stakeholder) board, in which business associations, trade unions and (labour) NGOs are equally represented. Based in Amsterdam, FWF works internationally with companies all over Europe and in production countries worldwide.

National Stakeholder Platforms
Director FWF
Commitee of Experts
Office Management
Aquisition, Marketing & Communication
Switzerland Office


The board represents three types of stakeholder organisations, with  an independent chair. The composition at present is as follows:

Anita Normark

Business Associations - Apparel brands and retailers
Han Bekke (MODINT)
Femke den Hartog (AEDT - European Assocation for Fashion Retail)
Mark Held  (EOG - European Outdoor Group)

Trade unions
Henk van der Kolk (FNV Bondgenoten)
Roel Rotshuizen (CNV Dienstenbond)

Miges Baumann (Brot für Alle)
Marijn Peepercamp (CCC - Clean Clothes Campaign)

The Clean Clothes Campaign in turn represents a large number of affiliated NGOs.


Erica van Doorn joined FWF in April 2008.
A frank and professional director,
Erica always looks for common ground to build on.

Committee of experts

The Board and staff are supported by the Committee of Experts. The experts who have a seat in this advisory committee represent the same wide spectrum of organisations as the board. The personal knowledge and commercial contribution of each expert ensures there is top class advice and a good coordination of the policy of FWF with other organisations and companies.

Employers' organisations for garment supplier companies
Jef Wintermans (MODINT)

Employers' organisations for the garment retail trade
Dirk Vinken (FGHS)

Trade unions
Jacob Plat (FNV Bondgenoten)
Karen Bouwsma (CNV Internationaal)

Christa de Bruin (CCC - Clean Clothes Campaign)

Office management

Office Manager
Femke Weiss is FWF’s in-house emergency service. She manages the office, the people in it and makes sure loose ends get tied up. 




Information management

Linda van Ijzendoorn assisted FWF with a  temporary project in spring 2013, but never actually left. She is responsible for all kinds of data management and member support. Also, Linda is co-creator of new information systems for FWF.  She has a master degree in Geography and one in Macroeconomics, with specialization in development studies and sustainability. For her thesis in human geography, she researched ranking methodologies for clothing brands


Senior Communications Officer

Martin Curley comes to FWF following a career encompassing NGO, government and apparel industry positions. He is pleased to be able to contribute his experience with a range of stakeholder groups to FWF's communications efforts.



Head of Communications

Sophie Koers, author of Practical Idealism, wants companies to be proud of their work with FWF. Being transparent about their progress will make companies more attractive to consumers.



Business Development Manager

Hendrine Stelwagen's combined fashion and anthropology background means she speaks the language of both the garment companies and the social compliance experts.



Country Representative Germany

Vera Köppen joined Fair Wear Foundation as Country Representative in Germany in October 2014. Holding degrees in Media Business Administration and Development Studies, she previously worked for different organisations in the field of sustainable development among them GIZ - Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit and Fairtrade International.


Communications officer

Alba León joined FWF in September of 2015, after working in communications for a medical organisation. Her background in international relations and international law, as well as her communications experience are perfectly combined at FWF.



Communications officer

Andrea joined Fair Wear Foundation as a communications officer in early 2016. Her deep passion for gender rights and international development are being applied to research, writing and advocating for labour rights improvements. She has degrees in Criminology, Sociology and Political Science from the University of Toronto, and a master degree in Criminology from Utrecht University.


Communications officer

Maaike joined Fair Wear Foundation in March 2016, after working for the non-for-profit research and network organization SOMO. She brings inner drive to help improve work and labour conditions in the garment industry.  Maaike has background an Communications and ‘Economic Management and Law’ and her international work experience will combined perfectly in her role as communications officer.

International Verification

Stefanie Santila Karl
After years of working for one of FWF's oldest German member companies, hessnatur, Stefanie Karl joined the FWF verification team in March 2012. During her work at hessnatur, Stefanie was trained as social auditor herself. 




Juliette Li
Juliette Li started at FWF in 2010 and is responsible for FWF's work in Bangladesh and Thailand. She is experienced in social auditing and factory training in South East Asia. She was an FWF auditor in China in 2004-2005.




Annabel Meurs
Annabel Meurs worked at Dutch NGO Hivos before joining FWF in 2011. In her spare time, she initiated 'a Call to Action', aiming to mainstream international cooperation in Dutch society. Annabel is responsible for FWF's work in China and Vietnam. The past years she has been coordinating the development of FWF's performance check system. 



Margreet Vrieling
Margreet Vrieling, a former trade union representative at the ILO, knows the ILO conventions like the back of her hand. Margreet joined FWF in January 2010.





Ruth Vermeulen
Before joining FWF in December 2013, Ruth worked at Dutch trade union organization FNV Mondiaal on sustainable investment, the application of international labor standards and trade union capacity building, mainly in Asia. She operates strategic, inter-connecting and long-term focused. Ruth is responsible for FWF’s work in Turkey.



Kees Gootjes
Kees Gootjes started working at FWF in April 2013. He conducts verification activities for several brands, particularly in the workwear and outdoor sectors. He is also responsible for the production countries Macedonia and Tunisia. Before joining FWF, Kees worked for a number of years in the financial sector and sustainability, and did research in the Cambodian garment industry.



Rosan van Wolveren
After a research project in the textile industry in Turkey Rosan van Wolveren started to work for FWF as intern. During the intern period Rosan developed verification skills and is currently working in the verification team. Since September 2013 Rosan is responsible for Romania and Bulgaria.



Lisa Suess

Lisa Suess started at FWF in 2015 and is responsible for FWF’s work in India. Before, she worked for the German development organization GIZ in various capacities and is experienced in multi-stakeholder dialogue and cooperation between the private and public sector in global supply chains.



Koen Oosterom

Koen Oosterom started at FWF in 2015 and is responsible for FWF’s work in Bangladesh. Koen has extensive experience working for the United Nations in Geneva and Hanoi, Vietnam. In addition, Koen coordinated a garments export development programme in Vietnam for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Centre for the Promotion of Imports (CBI).



Niki Janssen

Niki Janssen joined the FWF team in 2015. She is responsible for verification activities involving several fashion brands, and also for FWF's work in China.
Before joining the organisation, she was part of the Committee of Experts of FWF, on behalf of the Clean Clothes Campaign.



Wilco van Bokhorst

After working at the intersection between Business and Human Rights for several years, Wilco van Bokhorst joined the verification team of FWF in 2016.  He has  extensive experience in the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines at the company level.


Anne van Lakerveld

Anne van Lakerveld is an economic sociologist focusing on sustainable supply chains. Before joining FWF she worked on developing CSR strategies and CSR reporting for a variety of companies. At FWF Anne conducts verification activities for several brands.


Since 2012, FWF's Switzerland office has been closed. 

FWF's activities in Switzerland are being coordinated by Vera Köppen, FWF's Country Representative for Germany.