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Haglöfs Scandinavia AB is a Swedish company specialized in sportswear. They joined FWF in April 2012.

Brand Performance Check 2015

Haglöfs meets most of FWFs management system requirements. It has a monitoring threshold of 86%, which is just below the required 90% monitoring threshold for the third year of membership. The monitoring threshold was not reached partly due to the unexpected closing of a factory and an increase in the sales of footwear. As Haglofs has a high benchmarking score of 70, FWF uses its discretionary power to keep Haglöfs within the 'Good' category.

In terms of sourcing, Haglofs has taken a number of steps towards creating systematic room for better social compliance at the factory. It has identified the suppliers with which it would like to enter into a partnership with, and laid the groundwork for getting open costing on a product level. In addition to this, Haglöfs continues to work towards addressing overtime by better streamlining its production and order flow process.

Haglöfs makes use of Asics technology in its footwear. Over the past years but especially in 2014, the footwear sales have increased significantly, meaning that the footwear factories have increased in importance for Haglofs. For this reason, FWF encourages Haglöfs to align itself more closely with Asics in monitoring and follow-up of these factories. Haglöfs can make use of Asics' leverage at the factories to effect change while Asics can benefit from the experience and insights Haglöfs has gained during its FWF membership. FWF encourages Haglöfs to continue in its efforts with WEP training sessions and CAP follow-up.

Score: 70 Percentage under monitoring: 86% Category: Good

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