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Outdoor & Sports Co, a distributor of specialist sports clothing and equipment, joined FWF on 1 July 2012.

Brand Performance Check 2015

Outdoor & Sports Company Ltd. (OSC) meets most of FWF's monitoring system requirements. At the end of 2014, it had a monitoring percentage of 70%. In the first six months of 2015, three calendar years after joining FWF, it attained the required 90% monitoring threshold. As OSC scores well within the Good category with 70 points and attained the required 90% in the first half of 2015, it has been awarded a Good rating.

In 2014, OSC continued its work of auditing and CAP remediation, and maintained a systematic structure for this. Two verification audits showed effective CAP follow-up and remediation. Due to this systematic structure, it was also able to identify where the more complex issues related to overtime and living wages took place, and set in place a program to address this.

In 2014, two WEP training sessions were organized in cooperation with another FWF member. In addition to this, 2 complaints were filed and resolved.

OSC is encouraged to maintain its auditing and CAP remediation efforts. Documentation related to its work to remediate the more complex issues related to overtime and living wages is needed to be able to effectively show progress. In addition, OSC is also encouraged to gain more country-level information related to social compliance risks and work to mitigate these more effectively.

Score: 70 Percentage under monitoring: See summary Category: Good

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Outdoor & Sports Co, Ltd

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"We have joined FWF to benefit from their experience and guidance to ensure that our ethical approach to suppliers and the labour conditions of their workforce is to a recognised world standard." Hamish Dunn, Brand Director