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Fair Wear Foundation was founded in 1999 as an independent, not-for-profit multi-stakeholder foundation in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Recognising the need for an organisation to guide brands in the process of achieving sustainable and replicable improvements in the garment industry, NGOs joined with trade unions and business associations to create FWF. FWF’s mission is to improve—together with companies, factories and stakeholders—the working conditions in the global garment and textile industry. FWF has extensive experience working with member brands and their suppliers in preventing and addressing gender-based violence in the workplace. Visit FWF



The International Training Centre, an expert organisation in teaching methodology, is the educational arm of the International Labour Organization. It runs training, learning and capacity development services for government, employers’ and workers’ organisations and other national and international partners. The ITCILO is governed by a Board composed of representatives of governments, workers’ and employers’ organisations. It specialises in such topics as decent work, sustainable development, employment and labour rights, gender and equality, social dialogue and tripartism, workers’ organisations, international labour standards, and skills development. Visit ITCILO



CNV Internationaal’s mission is to contribute to ‘Decent Work’ in developing countries by applying the CNV principles of international solidarity, individual responsibility, social dialogue and pluralism. CNV Internationaal achieves this strengthening of the position of workers in both the formal and informal economy through strong social partners and by promoting sustainability in the chain. In the Netherlands, CNV Internationaal—together with the CNV Federation and its trade unions—contributes to Decent Work in developing countries through lobbying, policy and awareness campaigns. Visit CNV



Mondiaal FNV supports trade union partners in low and middle income countries, enabling them to play their part in negotiation and dialogue, and contributing to the realisation of decent work: employment, fundamental rights at work – including combating child labour and gender-based violence at work, social security and social dialogue. Mondiaal FNV wants to improve social dialogue at the national and regional level and to improve working conditions in the selected value chains of construction, agriculture, ship breaking and garment production. In the Netherlands, Mondiaal FNV works together with FNV sectors and unions and gives a voice to trade union colleagues by educating, organising and lobbying. Visit FNV



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the channel through which the Dutch Government communicates with foreign governments and international organisations. It coordinates and carries out Dutch foreign policy, which is based on three pillars: security, prosperity and freedom. The mission of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to promote the security and well-being of the Netherlands and the Dutch people, and to that end it will focus on international stability and security, energy and raw material security, the international legal order (including human rights) and the economic interests of the Netherlands. Visit the Ministry

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