With headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and representation in Germany, FWF is represented in the main areas where its members are. The organisation also has staff in India, Bangladesh and Turkey, as well as a diverse group of auditors and complaints handlers that work in the countries where FWF is active.

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Executive Director Since 2018, Alexander has brought his experience with NGOs and international businesses to FWF’s mission. ‘We chose Alexander’, says Chair of the FWF Board, Anita Normark, ‘because he is smart, engaged and enthusiastic. He has supply-chain experience, and is used to working with a range of stakeholders.’

Alexander Kohnstamm

Country Representative Indonesia Amalia joined the FWF team in 2016 as the Country Representative and Complaint Handler for Indonesia. In addition to coordinating and implementing activities in Indonesia, Amalia specifically focuses on auditing factories producing for FWF.

Amalia Falah Alam

Gender Programme Coordinator Andrea joined FWF in 2015 and is responsible for country and programme coordination at the Amsterdam office. She primarily works on gender-based violence projects and also does editing of FWF reporting.

Andrea Spithoff

Verification Officer Andriëtte joined FWF in 2016 and is a Verification Officer and the country manager for Turkey. She was also on the FWF Committee of Experts. She has worked for FNV Mondiaal as a policy advisor for Asia, and has worked with labour NGOs and trade unions in China, Myanmar, Indonesia and India.

Andriëtte Nommensen

Strategic Partnership Associate Annemieke began with FWF in 2019. She is involved in the planning and monitoring of the Strategic Partnership for Garment Supply Chain Transformation. She has worked for development organisations in South Africa, Vietnam and Ghana.

Annemieke van de Riet

Country Representative Vietnam Viet Ahn started with FWF in 2010 as an auditor. Over her years at FWF, she now is heading the Vietnam local team, representing FWF in Vietnam, and managing stakeholder relations.

Duong Thi Viet Anh

Verification Officer Annabel worked at Dutch NGO Hivos before joining FWF in 2011. Annabel is responsible for verification and FWF’s work in Vietnam. She coordinates the development of FWF’s performance check system.

Annabel Meurs

Verification Officer Since 2016, Anne guides several FWF member brands on implementing the code of labour practices and coordinates FWF’s living wage activities. Anne is an economic sociologist with a focus on sustainable supply chains. She previously worked on developing CSR strategies and CSR reporting for a variety of companies.

Anne van Lakerveld

MEL Coordinator Arja joined FWF in 2018 and is coordinating the monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) for the organisation. She came to FWF with an extensive background in MEL for international organisations and research, and has worked in countries including Kenya, Tanzania and Namibia.

Arja Schreij

Country Representative Bangladesh Bablur began working with FWF in 2013 and continues today in coordinating audits and projects with the FWF team in Bangladesh.

Bablur Rahman

Information Manager Since 2019, Bas has been working in the Amsterdam FWF office. Bas transforms complex realities and information needs into user-friendly systems. He has 20+ years of experience in the NGO sector as an independent consultant.

Bas Coesel

Regional Coordinator Eastern Europe Biljana has been working at FWF since 2003. She coordinates FWF activities and country teams in three production countries in Eastern Europe. She provides support to the production countries team at FWF headquarters.

Biljana Solakovska-Mihajlovska

Business Development Advisor & Brand Liaison Bri joined FWF in 2018 and is responsible for business development and guides members as a brand liaison. She has worked for globally recognised retail companies in buying and production before moving to CSR and ethical supply chain management.

Bri Danka

Communication & Media Catherine joined the Amsterdam FWF team in 2018. Short-term editing and writing are her main responsibilities, including writing various FWF newsletters. She is an experienced editor in the governmental, non-profit and commercial sectors.

Catherine Schook

Digital Communications Cesca has been with FWF since 2019. She oversees the organisation’s online presence, including social media and website content.

Cesca Boughton

Office Manager Danièle joined FWF as the Office Manager in 2016 and performs daily management and IT tasks at the Amsterdam FWF office. She has a background in research and management of labour rights and civil society projects.

Danièle Rigter

Marketing & Communications Officer Ellen began working for FWF in early 2017. She coordinates FWF’s publications and helps manage the organisation’s social media platforms.

Ellen Keith

Verification Officer Emma became Verification Officer in 2016 and works on case management and audit planning. With a bachelor in Fashion, Emma has worked as a buying assistant and assistant production manager for a social enterprise fashion label in Cambodia.

Emma Conos

Finance Officer Ernest joined FWF in 2016 having previously worked at Child Helpline International as a finance officer. At FWF he is responsible for the financial administration. He has previously worked with multinational organisations and NGOs in finance-related functions in five countries.

Ernest Beattie

Country Manager China Eveline joined FWF in 2018. Her expertise working as a CSR specialist in Ningbo, China enables her to comprehend the challenges and work towards improving working conditions. Eveline has worked for UNICEF on child protection and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on development cooperation and capacity building.

Eveline de Wael

Complaints Coordinator After her work in case management and as the Macedonia country manager, Florence now supports local teams and FWF headquarters in improving the complaints system. Before joining FWF, Florence was the co-founder of the ethical fashion label Linda Mai Phung in Vietnam.

Florence Bacin

Knowledge & Research Officer Hector joined FWF in 2017. He coordinates and conducts research on FWF’s impact. He has a PhD in science from the University of Amsterdam.

Héctor Serna Chávez

Lunch Assistant Since 2018, Hayat has been working with FWF. She provides healthy lunches, buffet spreads for internal events, and tasty cakes for the FWF Amsterdam office in addition to her own catering company.

Hayat Jafaar

Personnel Administrator Jeffrey joined FWF in 2019. He has been working in personnel and salary payroll for over seven years. He finds himself at home with FWF as an activist in equality movements and social justice.

Jeffrey Drijver

External Relations & Brand Liaison Since 2018, Jesse has been working as a Brand Liaison and in the external relations team from the Amsterdam FWF office. His work experience includes positions in international trade and sustainable supply chain development. He was also active in the board of a Dutch youth labour union.

Jesse Bloemendaal

Verification Officer Juliette began working as a Verification Officer in 2010 and is responsible for verification strategies in production countries, such as factory audits and stakeholder engagement. She has previously worked at a CSR consultancy firm in Hong Kong, and a regional women’s labour rights advocacy network in Asia.

Juliette Li

Verification Officer Koen joined FWF in 2015 and is responsible for FWF’s work in Myanmar and Bangladesh. His experience ranges from the UN in Geneva and Hanoi, to coordinating a garment export development programme in Vietnam for the Centre for the Promotion of Imports at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Koen Oosterom

Information & Data Specialist Linda joined FWF in 2013. She co-creates information systems and is responsible for IATI reporting. She has degrees in geography and  macro-economics, specialising in development and sustainability, along with ranking methodologies for clothing brands.

Linda van Ijzendoorn

Verification Officer Lisa started at FWF in 2015 and is responsible for verification and FWF’s work in India. With previous experience in the German development industry, she also has knowledge in multi-stakeholder dialogue and public/private cooperation in global supply chains.

Lisa Süss

Assistant Verification Officer Liselotte joined FWF in 2018 as an Assistant Verification Officer. She works on the coordination of verification activities in production countries, including complaints and auditing. She has a background in anthropology and consultancy with experience in alternative food networks.

Liselotte Goemans

Marketing & Communications Officer Lotte has been a part of the FWF communications team since 2013. She contributes to the External Relations & Communications team in overseeing communication strategies. Her past experience in communications includes copy editing, reporting, and (radio) journalism.

Lotte Schuurman

Marketing & Communications Officer Maaike joined FWF in 2016 and contributes daily to the External Relations & Communications team by organizing and coordinating external FWF activities. She has an extensive background in communications, economic management, law, and the non-profit sectors.

Maaike Payet

Brand Liaison Mariette joined FWF in 2018 as a Brand Liaison to support companies on their journey to better labor conditions for factory workers. She previously worked as a sustainability consultant and advised companies about their sustainability policy and supply chain management.

Mariette van Amstel

Associate Director Margreet joined FWF in 2010. She is part of management and works with the production country and external relations teams. She has also been a brand liaison and headed the verification team. As a former trade union representative at the ILO, she knows the ILO conventions like the back of her hand.

Margreet Vrieling

Management Adviser Since 2016, Maria has worked on FWF’s HR policies and assisted the management team as the Management Adviser in Amsterdam. She aims to contribute optimally to enable colleagues to perform at their best thanks to her practical rationalism and years of experience in policy.

Maria Pronk

Head of Finance As the Head of Finance since 2017, Maureen is responsible for FWF financial strategies and processes and is an active member of the FWF Management Team. She has previous development experience in Africa and holds an International MBA.

Maureen Brouwer

Country Representative India  Mousumi has been working with FWF since 2017. She holds multiple roles as a Program Management Consultant and a Country Representative for the FWF India office.

Mousumi Sarangi

Verification Officer Niki joined the FWF team in 2015. After coordinating FWF’s work in China, she is now involved in Member Learning. Niki is also responsible for verification activities involving several fashion brands. She has been in the garment and CSR sector for 10 years.

Niki Janssen

Living Wage Associate Since 2019, Paula has been supporting the coordination of FWF’s living wage work across the organisation. She has a master’s degree in international relations and diplomacy from Leiden University.

Paula de Beer

Verification Officer Rosan started to work for the FWF verification team in 2013 after a research project in the textile industry in Turkey. She is the country manager for Romania and is also responsible for the verification activities of several brands.

Rosan van Wolveren

Verification Officer Sandra joined FWF as a Verification Officer in 2016. She works on audit planning, case management and other verification tasks. She has a bachelors in geography and politics from the University of Utrecht.

Sandra Gonza

Country Representative Myanmar San Latt has been working as a Country Representative for the FWF Myanmar team since 2017. She is responsible for implementing FWF core country programs, including working on complaint handling/mediating, audits, stakeholders engagement, and supervising/coaching complaint handlers.

San Latt Phyu

Gender Programme Coordinator Saskia began working in 2018 for FWF. Her work focuses on gender communications and sexual and gender-based violence in the garment industry. In the gender team, Saskia develops training material and programmes.

Saskia Wishart

Associate Director Sophie has been with the FWF team since 2013 and works in case management and assisting the verification team. She wants companies to be proud of their work with FWF as being transparent about their progress will make companies more attractive to consumers.

Sophie Koers

Verification Officer Stefanie joined the FWF verification team in 2012 after years of working for one of FWF’s oldest German member companies, hessnatur. She is responsible for the verification activities of several brands as well as policy work especially on FWF’s grievance mechanisms.

Stefanie Santila Karl

Country Representative India Suhasini joined FWF in 2013 as Country Representative for India. Previously a project manager, she now works in stakeholder engagement and offers strategic input. Her understanding of conflict resolutions enables her to have difficult conversations with stakeholders.

Suhasini Singh

Brand Liaison & Member Learning Supraja joined the FWF Amsterdam team in 2018. She is responsible for brand liaisoning and addressing member learning needs. She brings to the FWF team working experience in the garment industry in India, Cambodia and Bangladesh.

Supraja Suresh

Brand Liaison & Country Manager Tunisia Terezia began working in 2018. As a Brand Liaison, she assesses work plans and provides guidance on CSR strategies. She is also responsible for country management in Tunisia. She studied at the Technology and Design College of Fashion in Slovakia.

Terezia Haselhoff

External Relations & Brand Liaison Tina began with FWF in 2017 and oversees FWF’s International Lobby and Advocacy and Social Dialogue work. She focuses on using FWF’s experience to influence others to improve practices. Additionally, she works with brands to improve their supply chains.

Tina Rogers

German Representative Vera became FWF country representative of Germany in 2014. Among other tasks, Vera coordinates FWF international stakeholder relations, and manages German stakeholder relations and the acquisition process for German-speaking companies.

Vera Köppen

Helpdesk Support Technician Since 2019, Vesna has been working at FWF’s Amsterdam office. She assists FWF members and internal staff with inquiries related to the existing FWF Database and maintaining data integrity and quality.

Vesna Dumeljic

Country Manager Indonesia Wilco joined the verification team of FWF in 2016 after working in business and human rights. He is responsible for case management and country management in Indonesia and has extensive experience in the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Wilco van Bokhorst

Country Representative China Wincent has worked with FWF for over ten years and is the Country Representative for the FWF team in China. Among other things, he supervises audits and manages projects with FWF China.

Wincent OU

The FWF board

FWF is an independent not-for-profit foundation. Independence is guaranteed by a tripartite (multi-stakeholder) board, in which business associations, trade unions and (labour) NGOs are equally represented. The board represents three types of stakeholder organisations, with  an independent chair. The composition at present is as follows: Chair Mark Held (EOG – European Outdoor Group) Business Associations – Apparel brands and retailers Patric Hanselman (MODINT) Femke den Hartog (InRetail) Trade unions Catelene Passchier (FNV) NGOs Miges Baumann (Brot für Alle) Evert de Boer (CCC – Clean Clothes Campaign) The Clean Clothes Campaign in turn represents a large number of affiliated NGOs.

Catelene Passchier Chairperson of FWF Board. Special adviser to the president of Trade Union FNV, and elected Chair of the Workers Group of the ILO

Catelene Passchier

Evert de Boer Board Member representing NGOs – Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC)

Evert de Boer

Femke den Hartog Board Member representing Business Associations – InRetail

Femke den Hartog

Mark Held  Chairperson of FWF Board. Representing Business Associations – European Outdoor Group (EOG)

Mark Held

Miges Baumann Board Member representing NGOs – Brot für Alle

Miges Baumann

Patric Hanselman Board Member representing Business Associations – MODINT

Patric Hanselman

Committee of Experts

The Board and staff are supported by the Committee of Experts. The experts who have a seat in this advisory committee represent the same wide spectrum of organisations as the board. The personal knowledge and commercial contribution of each expert ensures there is top class advice and a good coordination of the policy of FWF with other organisations and companies.

Employers’ organisation for the garment retail sector: Dirk Vinken (FGHS)

Employers’ organisation for the garment suppliers: Nienke Steen (MODINT)

Trade unions: Jacob Plat (FNV Bondegenoten), Karen Bouwsma (CNV Internationaal), Marjolein Groenewegen (CNV Internationaal), and Eric Van den Heede (Belgian unions, CCC Belgium and Wereldsolidariteit)

NGOs: Christa de Bruin (CCC) and Tessel Pauli (CCC)


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