It is Fair Wear’s belief that member companies who are making a serious effort to implement the Code of Labour Practices—the vast majority of Fair Wear member companies—are ‘doing good’ and deserve to be recognized as such. They are also doing more than the average clothing company, and have allowed their internal processes to be examined and publicly reported on by an independent NGO. The majority of member companies will receive a ‘Good’ rating.
Benchmarking Score
The percentage of factories this member has publicly disclosed.
Sourcing countries
China, India, Turkey
Performance summary
A summary of this brand’s latest Brand Performance Check results.

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Maier Sports Performance Check 2021

Maier Sports has met most of Fair Wear’s performance requirements. The brand monitored 89% of its supply chain by using Fair Wear and othe…

About Gonso

As a cycling clothing specialist, GONSO develops and produces high-quality and innovative functional clothing for cyclists of all disciplines and performance classes. GONSO aren't bothered by the same "higher, faster, further" sentiment that many of their competitors are. Instead, they focus on the joy of riding. Noone as much so as Hans Gonser, grandson of GONSO founder Johannes Gonser. Thanks to his inventive spirit, cyclists can no longer imagine a tour without padded cycling shorts. Thanks to an untiring tinkering spirit and over 90 years of textile experience, today GONSO is more than just a cycling trousers expert. From head to toe, the brand's collections offer top-functional cycling clothing of all categories - tailored to all needs. Tour riders, mountain bikers and racing cyclists all know that GONSO: FITS PERFECTLY. Go to website 

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