It is Fair Wear’s belief that member companies who are making a serious effort to implement the Code of Labour Practices—the vast majority of Fair Wear member companies—are ‘doing good’ and deserve to be recognized as such. They are also doing more than the average clothing company, and have allowed their internal processes to be examined and publicly reported on by an independent NGO. The majority of member companies will receive a ‘Good’ rating.
Benchmarking Score
The percentage of factories this member has publicly disclosed.
Sourcing countries
Bosnia & Herzegovina, China, Germany, Morocco, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Portugal, Romania, Ukraine, Vietnam
Performance summary
A summary of this brand’s latest Brand Performance Check results.

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GREIFF has shown progress and met most of Fair Wears’ performance requirements. With a benchmark score of 65 points, the brand is awarded …

GREIFF Performance Check 2020

GREIFF has shown progress and met most of Fair Wear's performance requirements. With a monitoring percentage of 85%, GREIFF goes beyond th…


GREIFF is a manufacturer of workwear solutions, especially for the service sector, the hotel sector and catering. GREIFF is an ownerrun company, established in 1802 in Greiffenberg/Silesia and has been based in Bamberg since 1945 with more than 120 employees today. For over 200 years GREIFF has been focusing on quality, style and tailor-made solutions for its customers. As a company which is active in the clothing sector, GREIFF has been working with many suppliers around the world for many years now and enjoys good working relationships based on trust. When GREIFF selects business partners, it will always be important that they also value good working conditions for their employees. GREIFF has also spent considerable time examining just how they could implement this objective of good working conditions with even greater success. For this reason, GREIFF joined FAIR WEAR FOUNDATION (FWF) on 15 March 2015. Go to website 

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