Jack Wolfskin

This category is for member companies who are doing exceptionally well, and are operating at an advanced level. Leaders show best practices in complex areas such as living wages and freedom of association.
Benchmarking Score
The percentage of factories this member has publicly disclosed.
Sourcing countries
Viet Nam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Italy, China, Myanmar, Republic of Korea, Bangladesh, Germany, Taiwan, Slovenia, Türkiye

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Jack Wolfskin Performance Check 2022

Jack Wolfskin has shown progress and met most of Fair Wears’ performance requirements. The member brand has a benchmarking score of 78 and…

Jack Wolfskin Performance Check 2021

Jack Wolfskin has met most of Fair Wear’s performance requirements. The benchmarking score of 74 means that Fair Wear has awarded Jack Wol…

About Jack Wolfskin

We are at home outdoors. There’s nowhere we’d rather be. The vastness attracts us, time sustains us. We are on a quest for experiences, not peak performance. We are guided by our passion to develop exceptional products, and driven by new ideas. We are fully committed to functionality. Our products are designed to protect, keep you warm and dry, whilst being comfortable and reliable and lasting for many years. No detail is too small for us to improve upon. We respect the diversity of nature and all living things. Our earth is simply the most beautiful place in the universe and we only have this one. We do everything we can to protect it and we want to experience it and share it with others. Go to website 

Sportswear: Footwear
Sportswear: Hiking & outdoor
Sportswear: Running & Biking
Sportswear: Bags
Sportswear: Ski & snowboarding

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