Lowe Alpine

This category is for member companies who are doing exceptionally well, and are operating at an advanced level. Leaders show best practices in complex areas such as living wages and freedom of association.
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The percentage of factories this member has publicly disclosed.
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, China, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Bangladesh, Philippines, Myanmar, India

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About Lowe Alpine

Lowe Alpine is an independent backpack specialist dedicated to creating world-class carry systems for life on the move. We began as pioneers: our first pack revolutionised the outdoor industry and became the blueprint from which all modern, technical backpacks are derived. Our passion for the outdoors drives us to keep striding forward, challenging perceptions and pushing the boundaries of backpack innovation with improvements in carry system design, men’s and women’s fit, material choice and product features. We’re not afraid to tread a different path to ensure our packs deliver incredible freedom of movement with a stable and comfortable carry, ultimately helping more people to get moving. The percentage of factories disclosed by this brand will be visible after its first performance check. Go to website 

United Kingdom
Sportswear: Hiking & outdoor
Sportswear: Bags