Tailor & Stitch

It is Fair Wear’s belief that member companies who are making a serious effort to implement the Code of Labour Practices—the vast majority of Fair Wear member companies—are ‘doing good’ and deserve to be recognized as such. They are also doing more than the average clothing company, and have allowed their internal processes to be examined and publicly reported on by an independent NGO. The majority of member companies will receive a ‘Good’ rating.
Benchmarking Score
The percentage of factories this member has publicly disclosed.
Sourcing countries
China, India, Portugal
Performance summary
A summary of this brand’s latest Brand Performance Check results.

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About Tailor & Stitch

Our specialty is the design and production of corporate workwear and private label. We not only take care of the design, but also the entire production and logistical handling. The production in India is supervised by our own team of specialists, who are involved from the beginning in the development of the clothing line to the final quality control of the end product. In our own warehouse there are many different fabrics in stock. Tailor & Stitch is therefore flexible in production runs with relatively short delivery times. Our clients are wholesalers of industrial clothing and industrial laundries. Because Tailor & Stitch follows the market developments closely, we are constantly informed of the latest trends and safety requirements. Go to website 

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