Wild Country

This category is for member companies who are doing exceptionally well, and are operating at an advanced level. Leaders show best practices in complex areas such as living wages and freedom of association.
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Viet Nam, Slovenia, Albania, Italy, Bangladesh, China, Lithuania, Taiwan, Republic of Moldova, Czechia, Cambodia, Switzerland, Türkiye, Romania, Slovakia, Myanmar, Tunisia, Belarus, Austria, Ukraine, Portugal

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About Wild Country

Wild Country is the brainchild of UK-based climber Mark Vallance. It was set up to manufacture what’s become the most famous piece of rock climbing gear of all time: the Friend. Even today, Wild Country offers customers the greatest possible freedom in their vertical activities with its technical climbing products. It uses technology to reduce the risk of climbing to the lowest possible level – exceeding safety standards and setting them even higher. Wild Country inspired a new era for rock climbing in the 1970s with the invention of the Friend. Since then, it’s kept developing new possibilities for climbing through pioneering technologies. With the Revo safety device, the brand has set a new standard in the industry. Like a seatbelt in a vehicle, the Revo automatically cushions a possible rope fall without any additional intervention by the rope partner. Go to website 

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