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According to the complainant, on 13 December 2017 at 16:30, a factory worker physically assaulted a coworker in the factory toilet for unclear reasons. He/she went to the local hospital and submitted a police report, indicating that he/she had injuries to the head, forehead, lips, ear and cheek. Factory security also interviewed the injured worker, who found this process traumatic.

On 27 December 2017, the complainant called again and reported that the injured worker wanted to submit a letter to factory management but management did not want to receive this letter. The trade union did not want to support the letter either, feeling that this case was not important.

In the letter, the injured worker wrote that he/she felt intimidated and insecure. On 23 December 2017, a supervisor called him/her to have a discussion in the canteen. However, the supervisor showed up with more people and asked the worker to sign a 'Peace Agreement', which the worker did not want to sign.

The complainant indicated that:
- HR, not factory security, should handle physical assault cases
- Management does not have a mechanism in place to handle such an issue
- Management has not taken action against the perpetrator

Both workers (alleged victim and perpetrator) are still working on the same line. According to the complainant, the management did not issue a warning letter to the perpetrator, nor offer leave to the victim.

See the current status

Overview of the complaint investigation

01/01/2018 Investigation

FWF's local complaints handler and country manager received pictures of the injured worker that showed signs of physical assault corresponding to the allegations in the complaint.

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