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Complaint ID
Member involved
Haglöfs AB
Filing party
Former worker
Filed against
Factory management

New complaint

This is a new complaint that FWF has just filed. At this point in the procedure, the complaint is pending investigation, and FWF has not yet proven it to be grounded. Updates to the investigation will follow. The brand is requested to share the complaint with factory management and to get their perspective. Ideally, this includes obtaining documental evidence in addition to a statement from management.

The case

The complainant reported an incident that happened to a current line supervisor at the factory. According to him/her, on 6 March 2017, a line supervisor in Building 6 of the factory had a morning production target meeting with the section supervisor. During this meeting, the section supervisor allegedly shoved the line supervisor's head when it became clear that production targets were not being met. Later that same day, a similar meeting took place, and the complainant claims that the section supervisor pushed her head again and pinched her stomach. During a final meeting between the two, the section supervisor allegedly pinched her lips and hit her hands. This hurt the line supervisor, who went home in tears.

The next day, the line supervisor felt uneasy and did not report for work. Supported by a number of women, she reported the case to the factory trade union. The trade union asked her to wait three days to let them process the case.

On 8 March, accompanied by a representative from the factory trade union, the line supervisor reported the case to factory management. Management then invited the section supervisor to attend the meeting and interviewed her. The section supervisor indicated that she had merely touched the line supervisor's cheek accidentally. Factory management subsequently asked the line supervisor to go back to work. However, the line supervisor had trouble sleeping after the alleged incidents and felt that management had insufficient regard for her trauma.

On 9 March, the line supervisor again met with factory management because she still did not feel safe. According to the line supervisor, the manager indicated that they had also received other complaints regarding this section supervisor. In the afternoon, the line supervisor was transferred to another line, and another manager told her she should not make a big deal of these incidents. A few days later, factory management indicated that they could only transfer her to a different line and that the section supervisor would not be punished.

The complainant and the alleged victim feel that factory management failed to handle this complaint properly and would like suitable remediation.

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