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India - Mini Rodini AB, Complaint 320

Complaint ID
Member involved
Mini Rodini
Filing party
Worker, Group of factory workers
Filed against
Supervisor, Factory management

New complaint

This is a new complaint that FWF has just filed. At this point in the procedure, the complaint is pending investigation, and FWF has not yet proven it to be grounded. Updates to the investigation will follow. The brand is requested to share the complaint with factory management and to get their perspective. Ideally, this includes obtaining documental evidence in addition to a statement from management.

The case

Two complainants, from the same factory, contacted the FWF hotline with similar complaints.

The first complainant stated that the working atmosphere in the factory has recently deteriorated, following the start of a new factory manager and the subsequent appointment of four new supervisors. According to the complainant, the factory manager has been shouting at all the workers on the floor, and threatening that he will fire them if they do not meet their production targets.

The second complainant added that the factory manager and supervisors have been screaming at the workers to complete their targets.

According to both complainants, the workers are given high production targets. Furthermore, they said that they are made to work between 30 minutes and an hour overtime, but do not receive payment for these hours. The complainants further stated that the factory owner does not seem to be aware of the factory manager's behaviour or actions.

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