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China - Suit Supply B.V., Complaint 539

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New complaint

This is a new complaint that FWF has just filed. At this point in the procedure, the complaint is pending investigation, and FWF has not yet proven it to be grounded. Updates to the investigation will follow. The brand is requested to share the complaint with factory management and to get their perspective. Ideally, this includes obtaining documental evidence in addition to a statement from management.

The case

A worker complained to FWF that they are being subjected to illegal monetary fines for being late for work. She/he was fined 425 RMB in total in October 2018 for being late for work. As explained by the complainant, according to factories policy, they will be fined 5 RMB if they are less than 5 minutes late, they will be fined 10 RMB if they are 5 to 30 minutes late, 30 RMB if they are later than 30 minutes. If they are late for work for 3 times in one month, from the 4th time on, they will be fined triple of the amount of money based on fine policy of the first 3 times.

The complainant stated they only have half an hour for dinner from 17:15 to 17:45, which is not enough for the workers who need to go home for dinner. As a result, it is quite easy for them to be a couple of minutes late.

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