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A complaint was filed on 14 December 2017. The complainant claims that the factory workers worked excessive daily overtime in the weeks of 4 December and 11 December 2017. Aside from extended working hours during the weekdays, the complainant claims that the workers worked on Saturday, and that Saturday was a workday throughout that month. The complainant was not aware of how and if the overtime is being paid. In Macedonia, overtime is legally limited to a maximum of eight hours per week and 190 hours per year. The employer is obliged to keep complete records of working hours, and overtime should be paid at a premium rate.

The complainant states that he/she was not informed of any representative bodies existing in the factory, and he/she said that up to now it has not been a practice to resolve the problem through the workers representatives.

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Overview of the complaint investigation

01/29/2018 Investigation

FWF conducted an audit in December 2017, but could not draw any conclusions regarding working hours, since the overtime hours were not properly registered. Additional interviews will be held with both workers and management.

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