Covid-19: Country-specific guidance

In this section, you will find detailed information and guidance on the impact of and responses to the Covid-19 pandemic for each of the production countries in which Fair Wear is active. The information will be frequently updated, so please keep checking back for the latest information for each country.

Current status of Fair Wear activities for brands in production countries

Last updated: 30 September, 2020

  • Grievance mechanisms are functioning in all countries, with an adjusted investigation process.
  • The resumption of audits and training may differ depending on the local situation in different regions.
Bangladesh No audits March-August. Resumed in September.No training March-August. Resumed in September.
BulgariaNo audits March-June. Resumed in August.No training March-June. Resumed in August.
ChinaNo audits March-April. Resumed in May.No training March-April. Resumed in May.
IndiaSome cancelled in March-April. Resumed in September.2 training sessions cancelled. Some resumed in September.
IndonesiaNo audits March-present.No training March-present.
North MacedoniaNo audits March-June. Resumed in August.No training March-May. Resumed in June.
MyanmarNo audits March-present.No training March-present.
RomaniaNo audits March-May. Resumed in June.No training March-present.
TunisiaNo audits March-May. Resumed in June.No training March-May. Resumed in June.
TurkeyNo audits March-August. Resumed in September.4 training sessions cancelled. Resumed in September.
VietnamNo audits March-August. Some resuming.No training March-present. Resuming in October.

For guidance on other production countries (not listed below), please have a look at Fair Labor Association’s country-specific updates.