FWF TOOLKIT: Violence and harassment against women and men

Violence and harassment—especially against women—in the world of work is a prevalent and persistent issue, deeply rooted in unequal structural norms and practices. It is a global issue that affects all occupations and sectors. It is particularly widespread in the garment industry, which employs a high number of women, often in lower-paid, lower-power positions.

There are laws in many countries—but they are often not enough. Currently, there is no international standard to serve as the foundation for better regulations, but it is being debated in the ILO right now.

The ILO is considering a new international standard: violence and harassment against women and men in the world of work. They propose a legally binding instrument known as a Convention, accompanied by a non-binding guidance, known as a Recommendation. Download the FWF ILO booklet for brands to learn about the process and take action.

One step brands can take to show their support for the ILO Convention and Recommendation is by downloading this template letter that you can share with your business association to encourage them to express your position to the national employers’ association, who will represent you at the ILC this summer.

Check back regularly as more resources and content will be added to help you stay up-to-date on the process.

ILO Convention Reports:

Blue Report V2 (2A) (March 2019) Provides commentary from governments, business and employers associations, and trade unions on the proposed text of the Convention.

Brown Report (August 2018) ‘Summarizes ILC discussions on the White and Yellow Report and proposes the first draft of the instrument(s).’

Yellow Report (March 2018) ‘Analyses replies to the questionnaire and provides proposed conclusions on the form and content of the instruments.’

White Report (May 2017) ‘Evaluates Law and practice on this topic and prepares a questionnaire for constituents on the form and content of the instrument(s).’

FWF Gender-Based Violence Research and Reports:

Gender Forum –One Year Later (FWF, 2018)

Breaking the Silence The FWF Violence and Harassment Prevention Programme (FWF, 2018)

Violence and Harassment Against Women and Men in the Global Garment Supply Chain (FWF ILC Contribution, 2018)

Standing Firm Against Factory Floor Harassment (FWF, 2013)

For more information on FWF’s work on gender-based violence in garment factories, visit the Women’s Safety at Work portal. Access this resource