We help conscious clothing brands create lasting change. We support brands that are determined to find a fairer way to make their clothes. We meet brands where they are – so that any brand can start its journey with us and take continued, practical steps to improve working conditions for people in garment factories. You can find our basic requirements for becoming a member on this page, but please note that we are currently prioritising larger brands for new membership. 

Fair Wear brands have the opportunity to collaborate with other leaders in the industry and learn from their journeys and good practices. The third-party credibility that Fair Wear membership offers gives legitimacy to a brand and verifies that the actions they are taking are all taken with a view to improving the lives of garment workers. Fair Wear membership is not a certification, our brands are intrinsically motivated to go the extra mile and work towards the high bar Fair Wear sets for its members.

Find out more about the benefits and opportunities that being a Fair Wear member brings, and hear directly from one of our member brands about what being a Fair Wear member means to them.

Fair Wear focuses on the European market and seeks to expand its member base by adding larger influential brands. Our preference is for brands that are visible and outspoken leaders of sustainability in the garment industry – those who can create real lasting change in the sector and positively impact the lives of garment workers. We plan to engage more with top brand management and to increase collective member learning opportunities.

We are currently in a transition year to implement our new HRDD ecosystem and are running at full capacity. We are also updating the membership requirements. During this busy period, Fair Wear is therefore no longer accepting membership requests for 2023. We are sorry for any disappointment, but please do check our website regularly for updates. We expect to be accepting new members in August 2023.

Do you have any questions about the application process or membership requirements, if so feel free to contact us on [email protected]