As a Fair Wear member, you’re leading the garment industry towards a fairer future.

Fair Wear Foundation members are companies ready to change the way they do business, to make things fairer for all across the supply chain. They know change won’t happen overnight but are committed to improving step-by-step. We help them reach their goals by assessing their business practices as well as the working conditions in the factories of their suppliers where sewing is the main manufacturing process. 

Main benefits of Fair Wear membership:

  1. Gain brand credibility: An independent, qualified organisation will monitor your company’s activities. Our Brand Performance Checks, third-party factory audits and complaints mechanism in production locations guarantee a level of credibility to the work you’re doing that will benefit your image.
  2. Increase brand transparency: More and more consumers are asking garment brands to open up about working conditions in their supply chains. Fair Wear publicly reports on the steps you’re taking towards better labour conditions, which guarantees a level of transparency consumers can trust. Consumers are likely to be more loyal to a brand that’s transparent.
  3. Align with the highest human rights standards: The Fair Wear Code of Labour Practices is modelled off the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, as well as International Labour Organisation conventions. Fair Wear has expertise on implementing gender standards, a living wage, and social dialogue.
  4. Join the Fair Wear Member Hub: Membership grants you full digital access to our expertise, research, and tools, gained through years of industry research and experience. You’ll become part of an influential movement of more than 130 like-minded garment brands, with whom you can share experience, exchange knowledge, and continue on a common sustainability journey.
  5. Benefit from marketing opportunities: Fair Wear membership comes with promotional opportunities, including features in mainstream and industry media, on the Fair Wear website, social media channels, and at fairs, summits, and events. We also offer opportunities to communicate your commitment to better labour conditions through on-garment branding
  6. A guiding partner for change: We work hand-in-hand with our member brands to create change. This means brands will never have to meet unreasonable or unrealistic expectations and will always have access to support when they need it. Each Fair Wear member is assigned a personal case manager and receives a set amount of support hours with the Fair Wear staff, which can include training activities or extra help in crisis resolution and audit remediation.
  7. Affordable annual fees: Fair Wear Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to make sustainable change accessible for all. Our reasonable membership fees reflect this mission.
  8. Show proof of commitment for public procurement processes: Many public procurement officers at hospitals or other organisations look for brands with a proven commitment to fair and ethical practices. A Fair Wear membership communicates this commitment.
  9. Become a part of a wider movement: Fair Wear cooperates with other initiatives and launches innovative pilot projects to create a greater impact on how clothes are made. Working with us means tapping into our extensive network of business associations, trade unions, governments, NGOs and more. As a member you have a chance to be on the forefront of this industry-wide change.