With many years of experience, Fair Wear has launched our HRDD Academy, providing a platform for industry-wide learning tailored to brands in the garment and footwear sectors. Our HRDD Academy facilitates brands on how to conduct impactful human rights due diligence (HRDD).

Wondering about the upcoming due diligence legislation, and how it impacts you as a brand?

The European Union’s Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (EU CSDDD) has been adopted. This legislation will mean that European garment brands have to implement HRDD in their supply chains.

To help brands get to grips with the current and new requirements, our HRDD Academy launched in 2024.

Our expertise

For the past 25 years, we have connected and convened brands, factories, workers, trade unions, NGOs and other industry influencers, and built strong multistakeholder networks across the whole value chain. Being able to utilise each of their unique leverage, we are leading the way in demonstrating how impactful HRDD implementation can help factory workers to have their human rights realised.

The HRDD Academy is a due diligence platform for brands, powered by Fair Wear

Our HRDD Academy helps brands to navigate mandatory industry standards, and most importantly, become industry frontrunners in respecting and supporting human rights across their supply chains.

Participating brands can access an extensive resource library and partake in online learning modules on HRDD, developed by Fair Wear. The platform has been codesigned with several brands, and all materials are in line with the OECD due diligence guidance for responsible supply chains in the garment and footwear sector.

Features of the HRDD Academy include:

  • Learning pathways with online modules for garment and footwear brands on how to conduct meaningful human rights due diligence by offering:
    • Self-paced learning pathways based on identified gaps and needs.
    • A diverse learning journey: HRDD Academy offers various learning levels.
    • Insights from industry experts and thought leaders who bring experiences to the learning journey.
    • Tailored, interactive learning and action activities as well as collaborative discussions to enhance practical skills.
  • Action-oriented tools on the HRDD hub, which enable brands to conduct human rights due diligence and manage progress while doing so. These tools are designed and updated with stakeholder-validated information.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with other garment brands, fostering a community of support and collaboration.

Are you eligible to join the HRDD Academy?

The HRDD Academy is open to garment and footwear brands.

How can you join the HRDD Academy?

For further details about the HRDD Academy, including the onboarding process and associated costs, please contact [email protected]. Entry-level annual fees range from €4500 to €12500, varying according to company size. Fees for next levels will be disclosed at a later date.

Let’s get inspired and continue to strive for a garment industry that’s fair for all!

Pilot project

We piloted the HRDD Academy throughout 2023 and the start of 2024. During this pilot year, we co-designed an understandable, thorough, hands-on facilitation for brands to implement their HRDD in line with the OECD guidelines – a solid preparation for the upcoming EU CSDDD. The pilot ran until March 2024.

Pilot Participating brands:

  • Dibella B.V.
  • Ela Mo (neu.land GmbH)
  • Hama GmbH & Co. KG
  • Just Brands B.V.
  • Löffler GmbH
  • Snocks GmbH

Participating Fair Wear member brands:

  • ARMEDANGELS (Social Fashion Company GmbH)
  • Bel&Bo Fabrimode NV
  • HempAge AG
  • JBC n.v.
  • Kuyichi B.V.
  • Picture Organic Clothing
  • Swiss Post
  • Oberalp (SALEWA, DYNAFIT, Wild Country & LaMunt)
  • Workfashion

Thank you to our all participating brands for contributing their feedback and insights!