Tools for Implementing Living Wages

Date: 01/02/2015

The FWF approach to living wages is pretty simple:

3levels-icon-11. Methodically identify and investigate the obstacles to living wage implementation
2. Develop tools to overcome the obstacles
3. Get out there and do it

At FWF we are doing all three of these in tandem.  Of course, of these three tranches of work, the third is the most important for workers. And to take effective action on wages, FWF members and stakeholders need tools.  To this end, tool development continues.

Below are some of the tools already developed:

How much should workers be paid?Wage Ladder - LW portal

  • FWF’s Wage Ladder consolidates a range of living wage estimates for garment producing countries/regions –> access the tool here 
  • How to use the FWF wage ladder 2.0: guidance for using the tool for wage improvements

How much does living wage implementation cost? 

  • FWF’s costing sheets, currently in beta for trial by FWF members, enable brands, factories, and worker representatives to:
    • estimate the total cost of wage increases in a factory
    • calculate how wage increases affect FOB (and retail) prices
    • discuss how to cover the difference in cost

How can we ensure that our living wage efforts are sustainable and meet workers needs? 

  • FWF’s Worker Education Programme

How can we avoid legal risks when collaborating with other garment brands to raise wages? 

  • Guidance for FWF on competition law and living wages (coming soon!)

Aligning purchasing practices that with living wage efforts: 

Other guidance: 

  • Real life experiences with living wages
  • Other insights on wages from FWF and its partners
  • Steps to upholding FWF member commitment to living wages (coming soon)


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