Welcome to FWF’s new Living Wage Portal!

Date: 07/04/2015

consumer_workerWelcome! We have launched this tool for FWF members and everyone involved in trying to make living wages a reality for garment workers.

This Portal is designed to grow.

As we explain here, FWF tackles living wages by asking:

Why are consumers unable to buy ‘living wage garments’? And what is happening in this market to block what seems like a pretty simple ask?

At FWF, we methodically analyse and unpack the obstacles that have blocked progress on living wages for many years – from lack of collective bargaining and structural issues in supply chains to questions of cost and anti-trust concerns raised by companies.  And our work continues.

We will keep adding posts to this Portal as FWF makes progress on this topic – and as our partners also take strides in this area.

FWF is most interested in sharing examples of efforts by brands, factories, trade unions, business associations and various workers groups to develop ‘real-life examples’ of working towards living wages.

And that is perhaps our key message in this Portal:

Get out there and do it.  Raise wages.  Now. 

Read through this Portal.  Use the tools.  Contact your FWF Liaison to talk through your best living wage strategy.  And start working with factories and workers to raise wage levels this year.  And next year.  And the year after that.

It is only by trying that we will really learn the best way forward.

Have a story to tell about your living wage experiences?  Whether your efforts were successful or not, we want to know.

Use the comments feature below to get in touch!

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