ALBIRO AG is a work wear company based in Switzerland. The company joined FWF on 13 June 2012.

brand performance check 2018

Albiro has shown progress and met most of FWF’s performance requirements. With a monitoring percentage of 93%, it meets the monitoring threshold required by members after three years of membership. Therefore, Albiro is awarded the ‘Good’ category, with a benchmarking score of 66 points.

Albiro has a strategy in place to limit its number of Group 2 suppliers, which are mostly in the tail end of its supply chain. It has ceased relationships with two out of three Chinese intermediaries.To reduce due diligence risks associated with an agent in China moving orders across different factories, Albiro has an agreement with the agent that provides the brand greater insight into factories being used for its orders.

In 2017, Albiro continued to engage and discuss living wages with one of its Macedonian suppliers. FWF encourages Albiro to continue its work on living wages and social dialogue at its Group 1 suppliers. FWF also strongly recommends further consolidation of its Group 2 suppliers to ensure increased leverage, monitoring and active remediation.

In general, Albiro shares audit reports with the factories and sets up a timeline for improvements in a timely manner. But in 2017, with team changes at Albiro, the CAP was not actively shared and followed up with Group 2 suppliers. FWF recommends Albiro to further enhance its system to track and follow up on CAPs. It is important that an internal system with strong documentation is set up at the organisational level, to track audit reports and CAP status, so that even when there is change in the team, the momentum is not lost.

Albiro should work closely with Group 2 suppliers to prevent the occurrence of excessive overtime. Furthermore, it should ensure that its intermediaries are aware of FWF requirements and follow up on improving working conditions.

Benchmarking score: 66
% under Monitoring: 93
Category: Good



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