Bel-confect is a workwear company from Belgium. The company joined Fair Wear Foundation in June 2016.

Bel-Confect Performance Check 2017

Bel-Confect has shown insufficient progress in meeting performance requirements. This is reflected in the benchmark score of 21. Also, the monitoring percentage of 15% is below the 40% required of brands in their first year of membership. In light of these findings, FWF has placed Bel-Confect in the needs improvement category.

Bel-Confect became a member of FWF in 2016, based on a desire to be a socially and environmentally-responsible company and the understanding that social and environmental compliance is key for survival. The company became FWF’s first Belgian workwear brand. In this first year of membership, Bel-Confect has had little time to dedicate to FWF membership. Bel-Confect’s monitoring percentage is low and it failed to engage in remediation. To stay a FWF member the company knows it needs to dedicate time to internalise FWF procedures and requirements and systematically include them in company structure and policies.

To achieve a Good rating, FWF recommends Bel-Confect to dedicate sufficient resources (human and financial) to understanding and addressing CoLP risks at production locations during the coming year. Bel-Confect should go beyond its agents alone and fully map its supply chain, learn more about labour conditions in its production countries, monitor/audit the suppliers and work towards a systematic way of following up on CoLP violations.

Benchmark score: 21, % of production under monitoring: 15%, Category: Needs Improvement


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