blutsgeschwister GmbH

blutgeschwister GmbH is a German fashion company that joined 1 June 2013.

Brand Performance Check 2016

Blutsgeschwister meets most of FWF’s management system requirements to implement the Code of Labour Practices and goes beyond.

In 2015 Blutsgeschwister continued improving its planning and production process with a shared forecasting system with suppliers. Blutsgeschwister extended several lead times, limited the amount of colors per style, and changed the decision-making process on collections. These changes are meant to decrease production planning problems and related overtime. FWF recommends Blutsgeschwister in the future to evaluate the impact of these revisions on excessive overtime.

FWF encourages Blutsgeschwister to further develop a pricing policy where the affiliate knows the labour cost of garments, to assess the impact of its prices on living wages and include this in price discussions with suppliers. At the same time FWF advises Blutsgeschwister to further develop procedures on other risks characteristic to its supply chain, recognizing the start made to address risks around outsourcing production to subcontractors.

When it comes to following up corrective actions, this is now a team effort at Blutsgeschwister. All staff in contact with suppliers discusses how to follow up issues found during audits and then one person is responsible to follow up with the individual supplier taking one finding after the other. FWF recommends to include bottom priorities such as crucial occupational health and safety, living wages and overtime issues in the companies follow up of corrective actions as these issues usually need a higher degree of communication and consultation to be worked on and implemented.

All suppliers are promoted to take part in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme. Blutsgeschwister managed within two years to have suppliers participate in WEP training who represent 58% of its production volume.

Score: 75 Percentage under monitoring: 99% Category: Leader



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