Claudia Sträter

Claudia Sträter, a Dutch fashion company, joined FWF in 2015.

Brand Performance Check 2018

Claudia Sträter has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. Its benchmark score of 68 is an improvement compared to last year. The monitoring threshold remains at 72%, which is below the required percentage for third-year members. This is mainly due to two production locations where Claudia Sträter tried to plan an audit, but factory management was unwilling to cooperate. The Claudia Sträter CSR team has visited both production locations to check the labour conditions and discuss the issue of auditing, but this could not be resolved within the financial year. Therefore, FWF is using its discretionary power to award Claudia Sträter the ‘Good’ rating.

In 2017, Claudia Sträter put a lot of effort into improving its purchasing practices. FNG, Claudia Sträter’s mother company, hired local representatives in India, China and Turkey, which helped improve the company’s due diligence process and active CAP follow-up. In addition, Claudia Sträter streamlined its process to ensure questionnaires are signed and returned and also created a systematic supplier evaluation.

FWF requires Claudia Sträter to improve its monitoring threshold, thereby ensuring it reaches the required percentage for 2018.

FWF recommends Claudia Sträter to continue improving its purchasing practices, especially regarding the relationship between prices and wages and addressing overtime. Also, Claudia Sträter should develop a written policy to address the issue of Syrian refugees in Turkey, in order to comply with FWF guidance on this matter.

Score: 68 Percentage under monitoring: 72% Category: Good


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