engelbert strauss

Engelbert Strauss is a German workwear company that joined FWF in November 2016.

Performance Check 2019

Engelbert Strauss has shown progress and met most of FWF’s performance requirements. Engelbert Strauss’ monitoring threshold of 91% exceeds monitoring requirements (60%) for second-year members. With a benchmarking score of 67, Engelbert Strauss is awarded ‘Good’ category.

Engelbert Strauss has a large supply chain with several smaller tail-end suppliers. During 2018 they made progress in consolidating their supply chain. As most production locations have been their partner for a long time, are visited regularly and Engelbert Strauss buys a significant portion of their production, they are in a good position to improve working conditions.

During their last financial year Engelbert Strauss has started open-costing projects with some suppliers. FWF recommends Engelbert Strauss to continue this effort, so they can systematically demonstrate the link between their buying price and wage levels and set target wages above legal minimum wage with some key production locations. While their production planning system enables reasonable working hours at factory-level, excessive overtime remains a challenge in their supply chain.

Engelbert Strauss has a system in place to monitor and remediate violations to the FWF Code of Labour Practices. They are supported by an external monitoring partner. FWF recommends the company to further strengthen this system by transfering learnings, increasing work on more complex, systemic issues and implementing preventive measures.
Engelbert Strauss has started training workers and management on the FWF Code of Labour Practices and complaint helpline. Two suppliers also particated in advanced training through FWF’s Workplace Education Programme. FWF encourages Engelbert Strauss to gradually train a larger portion of their supply chain.


Score: 67
Percentage under monitoring: 91%
Category: Good


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