engelbert strauss

Engelbert Strauss is a German workwear company that joined FWF in November 2016.

Performance Check 2018

Engelbert Strauss has shown progress and met most of FWF’s performance requirements. Engelbert Strauss’ monitoring threshold is 80% which is beyond FWF’s first-year membership requirements (40%). With a benchmarking score of 54, Engelbert Strauss is awarded the ‘Good’ category.

Engelbert Strauss has about 140 production sites, a relatively long tail-end and started working with several new suppliers in 2017 (tail-end being a large number of suppliers providing a relatively small production volume for the organisation). To work on social standards, Engelbert Strauss has contracted Sumations, a commercial consultancy which conducts audits, training and helps following up on corrective action plans. When it comes to corrective actions, excessive overtime and payments towards living wages are challenges and need special attention in the coming years.

Before joining FWF in November 2016, a complaint was received from a worker at a shared production site used by Engelbert Strauss. Although the complaint technically came in before the organisation joined FWF, the company took up responsibilities with the other brands and supports remediation. Engelbert Strauss has communicated well about its work with FWF both internally and externally. To ensure enough support and understanding within the company, Engelbert Strauss invited FWF for three full days to give a training to purchasing staff, technicians, developers and designers on FWF requirements.

Score: 54
Percentage under monitoring: 80%
Category: Good


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