FOND OF is a German bag company that joined FWF in November 2016.

Brand Performance Check 2017

In 2017, FOND OF GmbH has shown progress and met most of FWFs’ performance requirements. Its monitoring threshold of 88% exceeds FWF’s requirements for members in first year of membership by far (FWF requirement is 40%. Because of this, combined with a benchmark score of 67, FWF has awarded a “Good” rating.

FOND OF GmbH produces bags. Approximately 90% of the turnover comes from so-called kids brands Affenzahn, ergobag and satch. Other lifestyle/pro brands are AEVOR and pinqpong as well as AEP/SALZEN, Offermann and klatta.

In 2016, all brands were produced at 29 production sites (tier 1) in four countries: China, India, Myanmar and Vietnam. This includes subcontractors, for example, printing sites. Many of these production sites are shared with other FWF member brands, which explains why many of the production sites were audited before FOND OF GmbH became a member to FWF. Since FOND OF GmbH became a FWF member, two audits have been carried out by FWF teams: one in Myanmar and one in Vietnam (15% of the 88% monitoring threshold).

Beside tier 1 suppliers, FOND OF GmbH knows most of its tier 2 suppliers which is important to their bluesign certified material.
FOND OF GmbH became a member in November 2016 and spent the first eight months aligning its internal systems with FWF requirements. Beyond making products that add value (like ergonomically correct kids bags) it is crucial to FOND OF GmbH that people employed are able to deploy their full potential in their work – at the headquarters and at its production sites. The way the company works regarding long-term relationships with suppliers, continuous monitoring and active remediation is in line with FWF requirement. This is reflected in the monitoring percentage and the benchmark score in this first Brand Performance Check.

FWF encourages FOND OF GmbH to deepen its active approach to monitoring into proactive remediation. FOND OF GmbH needs to standardize its follow-up of Corrective Action Plans (CAP) in a more structured way to be able to measure progress and to evaluate this. Focus need to be on working hours at production sites and on living wages at their suppliers. Awareness-raising among workers through training and involvement of worker representation has started and is to be encouraged.

Score: 67 Percentage under monitoring: 88% Category: Good


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