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GREIFF is a German workwear company that joined FWF in March 2015.

GREIFF Performance Check 2017

Greiff has shown progress and met most of FWF’s performance requirements. With a monitoring percentage of 70%, Greiff goes beyond the required 60% after its second year of membership. The brand is awarded the ‘Good’-category with a score of 65 points.

In its financial year 2016-2017, Greiff grew significantly, partly thanks to the launch to its Fairtrade-collection. The brand also launched a new range of outdoor products to complement its current range of products.
In its second year of FWF-membership, Greiff undertook efforts to improve its purchasing practices and to monitor its suppliers. The FWF member learned more about how prices relate to wages. Also, more suppliers were audited than ever before. Greiff actively followed up on the audit results.

Greiff also moved beyond auditing and set up a training for its Bosnian supplier to make management and workers more aware of the FWF Code of Labour Practices and the FWF worker helpline. At its Pakistani supplier, Greiff set up a project with another FWF member to improve productivity and raise awareness on labour standards.

FWF encourages Greiff to continue its current progress. In 2017-2018, it will have to monitor its entire supply chain. Greiff needs to ensure that all its subcontractors are included in its monitoring system. FWF recommends Greiff to learn more about the relationship between prices and wages and start to explore possible solutions for more complex issues like living wages and social dialogue.

Score: 65
Percentage under monitoring: 70%
Category: Good


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