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GREIFF is a German workwear company that joined FWF in March 2015.

GREIFF Performance Check 2016

Greiff is in the process of implementing FWFs management system requirements. It has monitored 41% of its supplier base, which meets the requiredthreshold for the first year of membership.

Greiff has a stable supplier base, with suppliers in Eastern European countries, Morocco, Pakistan and Vietnam. With most of these suppliers, it has been cooperating for a long time. In its first year, Greiff focused on implementing FWF requirements, auditing suppliers and following up on Corrective Action Plans.

It also has a large amount of External Producers. It has put a lot of effort in learning more about production countries of these producers.
Greiff has set the first steps of following up on issues found at suppliers. Suppliers responded positively to the discussions with Greiff and started to implement changes. Discussions concerning the CAPs mostly evolved around health and safety issues. With its Moroccan supplier, Greiff also discussed breast-feeding time and the registration of working hours. FWF recommends Greiff to also discuss more complex issues like wages and overtime.

Although Greiff is aware of most of its production locations, it is also learning about products which are being send to subcontractors. Greiff should continue working on ensuring that it knows all of its production locations. Greiff should also ensure that it is aware of high-risks in specific production areas, like gender specific issues, legal minimum wage and the position of trade unions.

Score: 53 Percentage under monitoring: 41% Category: Good


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