Hubert Schmitz GmbH

Hubert Schmitz GmbH with its brand S-GARD joined FWF in January 2016.

S-GARD Performance Check 2018

S-Gard has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. With a monitoring percentage of 86%, it goes well beyond the required monitoring threshold of 60% for the second year of FWF membership. This, in combination with a benchmarking score of 62, means that FWF is awarding S-Gard a place in the ‘Good’ category.

In its second year of membership, S-Gard has made steady progress in implementing FWF requirements. The brand has maintained a stable supplier base and has added three new suppliers this year (with 100% leverage at two suppliers and 50% leverage at one supplier). The new suppliers replace three existing suppliers where the business relationships had ended—at one supplier for restructuring reasons and at two others because leverage was low and orders were not of significant business value/interest to the supplier. S-Gard is the only customer at six of its seven Tunisian suppliers, with 77% of total FOB, which gives the brand significant leverage to improve working conditions. The brand also has production at two Polish suppliers. In 2017, the brand implemented a social compliance checklist for new suppliers and a supplier evaluation system.

FWF recommends that S-Gard set up a systematic approach to analyse country risks, which will help structure and strengthen the due diligence process to mitigate risks. Furthermore, S-Gard should learn more about production planning and costing at suppliers where strong systems are not yet in place, which is also essential to be able to work on living wages.

Score: 62 Percentage under monitoring: 86 % Category: Good


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