Hydrowear B.V.

Hydrowear B.V., a company that specializes in work and safety wear package, signed the FWF Code of Labour Practices on 1 July 2009.

Hydrowear produces a complete work and safety wear package, sold through a fixed network of dealers. They produce in Croatia and China, specialising mainly in breathable rain clothes, outdoor work wear and private label production.

Brand Performance Check 2017

Hydrowear has shown insufficient progress with regards to meeting FWF membership requirements. Although a score of 58 is an improvement from the previous Brand Performance Check and is within the Good category, a monitoring percentage of 70% is well below the required monitoring threshold and therefore Hydrowear is placed in the Needs Improvement category.

The reason for not meeting the required monitoring threshold is that Hydrowear started production at a significant number of new production locations. During the selection of these new production locations, insufficient human rights due diligence took place and these production were also not audited or monitored in accordance with FWF guidelines.

Hydrowear did, however, make progress in terms of following up on its audits and engaging in discussions with its suppliers on topics such as excessive overtime and ensuring that it suppliers had the Worker Information Sheets posted in view of the workers.
FWF requires Hydrowear to meet the required monitoring threshold in the current financial year and encourages Hydrowear to conduct its human rights due diligence in a systematic manner (including the identification of all relevant production locations), follow up on its audits, and remediate any complaints effectively.

Read the report here.

Score: 58 Percentage under monitoring: 70% Category: Needs Improvement


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