Hydrowear B.V.

Hydrowear B.V., a company that specializes in work and safety wear package, signed the FWF Code of Labour Practices on 1 July 2009.

Hydrowear produces a complete work and safety wear package, sold through a fixed network of dealers. The company specialises mainly in breathable rain clothes, outdoor work wear and private label production.

Brand Performance Check 2018

Hydrowear has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. With a monitoring percentage of 99% and a score of 59, the company is placed within the ‘Good’ category. This is an important improvement in comparison to the previous year, when the company was placed in the ‘Needs Improvement’ category.

In 2017, Hydrowear consolidated its supply chain and ensured that it reached the required monitoring threshold of 80%. It did this by making use of both FWF audits and external audits. It also continued its work on CAP remediation, documenting this extensively. In terms of purchasing practices, Hydrowear started working with a new forecasting system that allows it to better predict demand and therefore also allows it to place orders in a more effective manner. It also conducted a root cause analysis for excessive overtime at one of its factories, and worked on remediation by ensuring that sufficient fabric was stored to mitigate fabric delays.

Hydrowear received one complaint in India at one of its production locations related to excessive overtime and wages. It is still in the process of remediating this complaint and FWF encourages Hydrowear to ensure that similar complaints can be avoided in the future. This means that its supplier in India will need to be more transparent on its policies and practices.

Furthermore, Hydrowear is encouraged to set up a more systematic approach to social compliance, inserting social compliance into relevant business processes. This should allow it to better integrate social compliance into its daily business practices.

Score: 59
Percentage under monitoring: 99%
Category: Good


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