KUYICHI International BV

Kuyichi is a Dutch fashion company that joined 1 July 2013.

Brand Performance Check 2015

Kuyichi is in process of implementing FWF’s management system requirements. The company has undergone major changes in the past year which had a significant impact on the supplier base. Building long term relationships and consolidating its supplier base has for this reason not been structurally possible.

With an audit at an important supplier in Tunisia in 2014, active follow up of a 2013 audit and monitoring in low risk countries, Kuyichi reached a monitoring threshold of 53%. This is below the 60% required for members after their second year of membership. The corrective actions resulting from the two audits in Tunisia were discussed during visits and a few improvements were verified. Several health and safety improvements were investigated with a Health and Safety consultant.

The new corporate responsibility strategy is not entirely implemented yet, which means certain procedures and goals were not yet formally in place last year. Kuyichi is working on formalizing its internal management systems for social compliance at suppliers. FWF recommends further integration of sourcing strategies with policies for labour conditions and supplier monitoring. Better integration, and a clear process for selecting and tracking suppliers will provide better support for the implementation of the Code of Labour Practices.

In the future, steps can be taken to assess pricing policy in relation to the cost of labour; and to work towards the payment of living wages. In order to raise awareness among workers and management about labour standards, Kuyichi is advised to enrol more suppliers in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme.

Kuyichi has made significant steps in gaining more insight into its production locations and has launched a new corporate responsibility project on its website ‘where its made’. Part of the aim to increase transparency, Kuyichi shows a world map with names of their suppliers, including a summary of audit results where applicable.

Score: 52 Percentage under monitoring: 53% Category: Needs Improvement

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