LaDress is a Dutch fashion brand that joined FWF at the beginning of 2014. The collection of perfect dresses for every occasion is sold via, the LaDress brand boutique in Amsterdam and in luxury department stores in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Since its founding LaDress has been committed to working together with skillful European ateliers that share their passion to make beautiful products. They joined FWF to affirm this commitment. LaDress currently sources from artisanal European ateliers mainly in The Netherlands and Romania.

Brand Performance Check 2016

LaDress is in process of implementing FWF’s management system requirements. The company has stable and long term relationships with their suppliers; particularly with their main supplier in Romania, where over 60% of LaDress’ 2015 purchasing volume is produced and where the company has substantial leverage. This partnership supports effective implementation of the Code of Labour Practices.

With an audit conducted at the Romanian supplier in 2015, LaDress has monitored 64% of their 2015 volume which meets the threshold that is required for second year members. The remaining 36% of their volume comes from suppliers in low risk areas. LaDress has not been able to demonstrate the Worker Information Sheet has been posted at all suppliers and all signed questionnaires with the Code of Labour Practices have been returned.

LaDress has invested the second year of FWF membership in following up on the Corrective Action Plan after the audit at the Romanian supplier. It has remediated several health and safety findings and has been working on improving the social compliance system.

LaDress can take next steps in gaining more insight into wage levels and increasing awareness among workers and management of labour rights and social dialogue. Moreover, monitoring and assessing progress in working conditions can be more systematically integrated in the company’s work processes.


Score: 64 Percentage under monitoring: 44% Category: Good


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