LaDress is a Dutch fashion brand with one thing in mind – helping you discover the perfect dress for every occasion. A dress that creates the ultimate look for just about any occasion: in the office, dancing the night away or when enjoying the weekend. Since its founding LaDress has been committed to working together with skillful European ateliers.

Brand Performance Check 2017

LaDress has shown progress and has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. The company has stable and long term relationships with its suppliers; particularly with their main supplier in Romania, where over 80% of LaDress’ 2016 purchasing volume is produced and where the company has substantial leverage. This partnership supports effective implementation of the Code of Labour Practices.

With an audit conducted at the Romanian supplier in 2015 and together with the fulfilled monitoring requirements for low risk countries, LaDress has monitored in total 93% of their 2016 volume. With this LaDress meets the threshold that is required for members in their third year of membership. Besides the main production location in Romania, 2% of their production volume is produced in Bulgaria. In 2016, LaDress started production in Bali for a seasonal collection that has been introduced, which accounts for around 1% of their production volume. The remaining 12% of their production volume comes from suppliers in low risk areas such as Portugal, Poland and Italy.

LaDress was able to show that the Worker Information Sheet was posted at their main production location in Romania and a signed questionnaire has been returned. The questionnaire of their Portuguese supplier missed the signature of factory management. For the remaining production locations a signed questionnaire was completed. The required homeworker questionnaire was not completed for the homeworker locations in Bali. Once all production locations are known the worker information sheet should be posted to provide workers access to FWF’s helpline.

LaDress has shown progress on the implementation of the Corrective Action Plan after the audit at their Romanian supplier. It has remediated health and safety findings, and discussions with factory management are ongoing about the importance of a wage assessment.
LaDress visits its suppliers on a regular basis and communicates weekly with its suppliers and labor issues are taken on immediately and discussed verbally or by email. LaDress should improve their monitoring system by maintaining documentation from suppliers. Such a system will support LaDress in keeping track of the situation in the factory.

For next year, FWF advises LaDress to perform a wage assessment and a Workplace Eduction Programme training at their main supplier in Romania.

Score: 56 Percentage under monitoring: 93% Category: Good


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