Nakedshirt is an Austria-based supplier of premium basics for use in promotional and merchandise markets. Nakedshirt joined FWF on 14 November 2011.

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Nakedshirt meets most of FWFs management system requirements and goes beyond. It has a monitoring percentage of 100%, since its one supplier in Turkey has been audited by FWF. It has high leverage at this supplier, hence can be expected to have significant influence on working conditions at this supplier.

Nakedshirt places stable orders at its supplier and its production planning system gives the supplier enough space to prevent the need for excessive overtime for production for Nakedshirt. The one complaint, which was received by FWF, was quickly addressed by Nakedshirt and solved by the supplier within a month. Nakedshirt does have style-level pricing, which means its price allows payment of at least minimum wages at its supplier.

However, Nakedshirt has to take the next adequate steps to move towards living wages as estimated by local stakeholders. It is expected to take an active role in discussing living wages with its supplier. FWF recommends Nakedshirt to gain insight into a cost breakdown of its products incl. labour cost. Furthermore, Nakedshirt is recommended to make use of FWFs Wage Ladder to define the gap between actual wage and living wage and discuss making steps towards living wages with its supplier.

It is furthermore necessary that Nakedshirt knows whether production is subcontracted or not. In case of subcontracting of production for Nakedshirt, it has to make sure the FWF Code of Labour Practice is followed up both with in-house subcontractors, as well as outside subcontractors. FWF recommends Nakedshirt to plan with its supplier an update Workplace Education Program training, since management of its supplier changed.
Finally, the choice of production country is no guarantee for ‘fair’ or ‘safe’ working conditions and communication by Nakedshirt should refrain from
suggesting this.

Score: 76 Percentage under monitoring: 100% Category: Leader

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