Outdoor & Sports Co, Ltd

Outdoor & Sports Co, a distributor of specialist sports clothing and equipment, joined FWF on 1 July 2012.



Outdoor & Sports Company (OSC) meets most of FWFs management system requirements and goes beyond. With a monitoring percentage of 93% and a score of 80, it is awarded the Leader category.

In 2015, OSC conducted a number of audits to reach the required 90% monitoring threshold. It followed up on the CAPs in an in-depth manner and also took steps to remediate more difficult issues related to overtime and living wages. It did this by initiating a root cause analysis as well as taking action to remediate overtime related to its own purchasing practices.

In addition to this, OSC organized a WEP training session at 3 factories in China in 2015, ensuring that about half of its production volume has been trained in the last three years on the FWF Code of Labour Practices, effective industrial relations and a grievance mechanism.

OSC is encouraged to continue its in-depth monitoring and remediation efforts, taking care to document its due diligence at potential new suppliers and its work related to remediating overtime and living wages issues. This is especially important in 2016 as OSC will most likely have production take place in countries where FWF has an Enhanced Monitoring Programme in place.


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