Pama International B.V.

Pama International BV produces promotional products and has its own brand named DiPama. Sewn products are mainly sourced from two factories in Bangladesh and China. Pama International BV joined FWF in 2004, making the company one of FWF’s first affiliates.

Brand Performance Check 2014

Pama International meets most of FWFs management system requirements. In 2013, its production was focused on one factory located in Bangladesh, leading to a monitoring percentage of nearly 100%, and therefore meets the required monitoring threshold.

Pama International has a good working relationship with its main supplier in Bangladesh and has frequent contact on the topic of social compliance, even though there are limitations related to leverage as other (non-FWF) brands take up significantly more of the production capacity. This is especially evident when it comes to more complex issues such as living and overtime.

Pama International received one complaint in 2013 and remediated this complaint quickly and effectively, taking steps to avoid similar complaints in the future. When it comes to training, Pama International took steps in 2013 to ensure that a training session as part of the FWF Workplace Education Programme could
take place in 2014.

Score: 72 Percentage under monitoring: 99% Category: Good

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