PAPTEX Textilhandels GmbH

Paptex is a textile company from Austria specialised in home textiles which joined FWF in 2016.

Brand Performance Check 2019

Paptex has met most of FWF’s performance requirements. It monitored 94% of its total purchasing volume, which is well above the 80% required by members after three years of membership. The benchmarking score of 64 places Paptex in the ‘Good’ category.

In 2018, Paptex further consolidated its supply chain by moving production from suppliers where it has does not have much leverage and that are not cooperative in implementing the FWF Code of Labour Practices, towards suppliers where it has more leverage and that are more transparent and cooperative in implementing the Code of Labour Practices. Paptex also changed its planning system to increase flexibility and work more closely with its main supplier in realising constant order flows. Although not all audit findings are remediated, Paptex showed that it has been active and persistent in following up. Furthermore, Paptex actively stimulated worker awareness of the Code of Labour Practices by organising training at suppliers responsible for 98% of its total production.

This year, Paptex needs to continue to follow-up on production locations that have not signed and returned the questionnaire and/or not posted the Worker Information Sheet yet. Although Paptex does conduct due diligence, a formal process should be in place to evaluate the risks of labour violations. Furthermore, more active risk mitigation measures should be taken. Moreover, a systematic approach for evaluating Code of Labour Practices compliance of its entire supplier base should be implemented. Paptex is required to be more active in working towards implementing a living wage at its suppliers. The first step in this process is getting insight into the link between buying prices and wages through open costing. Then, Paptex should define a target wage together with its suppliers and start implementing measures to close this gap.

Score: 64
Percentage under monitoring: 94%
Category: Good


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