Picture Organic Clothing

Picture Organic Clothing is a French outdoor/sportswear company that joined FWF in April 2017.

Three childhood friends from Clermont-Ferrand, France, Vincent, Julien, and Jeremy founded Picture in 2008 out of a frustration that a majority of technical mountain apparel looked the same, lacking a style that reflected their identity. They were driven by three key missions, each of which they would approach with a fresh vision:

DESIGN Jeremey was an architect by trade, which would provide him a different approach to product design.

PHILOSOPHY Everything they would construct would be made from a minimum of 50% recycled materials or from scrap fabrics.

POSITION : They would consider themselves neither a ski nor snowboard brand and see no line dividing the two. First and foremost, Picture would be an environmental action outdoor brand, with a dedication to board sports in its various forms: snow, ski, surf, and skate.

Their success was rapid, opening 70 retailers in France and Switzerland in their first winter season, proving there were others like them who craved something new in this category. Today, Picture boasts 850 retailers in 33 countries, yet they still hold true to their founding principles
and spirit.

Performance Check 2018

Picture Organic Clothing (Picture) has met most of FWF’s performance requirements and shown initial efforts towards monitoring and improving social compliance in its supplier base within its first year of FWF membership. In 2017, Picture monitored 69% of its supply chain, and this combined with a benchmark score of 45, means that FWF has awarded Picture the ‘Good’ rating.

Picture’s biggest challenge in 2017 was obtaining all the information required from suppliers. Picture has two main suppliers in China and Turkey which account for 84% of total production; both of which have signed and returned questionnaires and posted the Code of Labour Practices in their factories. The remaining locations account for the tail-end and have not yet all returned the information. Additionally, Picture should review the smaller suppliers and start consolidating its supplier base in order reduce the social compliance risks and have more influence on improving the working conditions.

For the coming year, FWF recommends Picture to create a more systematic approach to its due diligence process when selecting suppliers and to improve the transparency of its production locations. A risk analysis as part of the decision-making process of selecting new suppliers is an important step to mitigate risk and prevent potential problems.

FWF recommends Picture to develop a process to assess the risks associated with operating in specific production areas. When starting operations in a new country, FWF advises to use information from FWF country studies and wage ladders and use the FWF Health and Safety guidelines. Picture needs to develop a written set of guidelines and internal policies within its sourcing strategy that account for the risks in the areas the company sources from. Picture specifically needs to develop clear policies and procedures to address the country-specific risks related to Syrian refugees in Turkey. Developing these internal processes will strengthen Picture’s internal monitoring systems and provide a base to analyse and effectively evaluate the progress of its suppliers.

Score: 45
Percentage under monitoring: 69%
Category: Good


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