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NEUE MASCHE is a young German brand offering a fundraising model for groups such as school classes or sports clubs. With NEUE MASCHE these groups have a convenient, risk-free possibility to finance their (social) projects and make their dreams come true. The main products of NEUE MASCHE are textiles, especially socks.

Brand Performance Check 2019

NEUE MASCHE has shown progress and met most of FWFs’ performance requirements monitoring 73% of their supply chain and has gone above and beyond the monitoring threshold of 40% for their first year of membership. NEUE MASCHE has a consolidated supplier base and works with a small number of suppliers, which they build and maintain strong personal relationships with. This allows NEUE MASCHE to work effectively on improving working conditions. This, in combination with a score of 57 points, means that NEUE MASCHE is awarded the ‘Good’ category.

In the first year of membership NEUE MASCHE has implemented significant changes to their due diligence process to support responsible sourcing practices through the use of their supplier check list that makes CSR a high priority in defining and deciding the continued partnership with suppliers both new and existing.

NEUE MASCHE has strong forecasting and production planning systems in place. Due to the nature of their business, orders must be placed well in advance and because of this it allows NEUE MASCHE’s suppliers to be flexible in their production planning, so much so that some suppliers have even requested receiving orders later in the season.

For the upcoming year the challenge for NEUE MASCHE is to obtain more insights in the impact of its pricing policy on factory level, especially the labour cost of products. This could support NEUE MASCHE to assess the impact of its prices on living wages and include this in price discussions with suppliers, to together works towards living wages.


Score: 57

Percentage under monitoring: 73%

Category: Good


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