PYUA Protection GmbH

PYUA Protection GmbH is a German company that produces fashion & sports, workwear and promotional wear under the name PYUA.

performance check 2018

PYUA has shown advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress. In 2017, PYUA monitored 100% of its supply chain and achieved an overall performance benchmarking score of 75 points, resulting in the category “Leader”.

PYUA works with a small supplier base in low-risk country, where they have high leverage and long sourcing relationships. PYUA visits suppliers regularly and has a strong production planning system. The company made significant efforts to decrease its subcontracting, resulting in the termination of supplier relationships where transparency and cooperation with FWF requirements was not met. PYUA gathered existing audit reports and communicated with existing FWF members who are also sourcing from the same suppliers.

PYUA identified the Legal Minimum Wages in the areas from which it sources, however FWF recommends PYUA expands its knowledge of cost breakdowns, including calculating the costs of labour and linking this to its own buying prices.

PYUA also made significant internal efforts to improve its communication of FWF membership as well as publish its first Social Report. PYUA is encouraged to continue its efforts of raising awareness of labour rights at its production locations, as well as to its new sourcing partners by organising more training sessions.

Score: 75 Percentage under monitoring: 100% Category: Leader



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