Social Fashion Company GmbH (ARMEDANGELS)

Social Fashion Company with its brand ARMEDANGELS joined FWF in June 2015.

Brand Performance Check 2019

Social Fashion Company GmbH (ARMEDANGELS) has shown advanced results on performance indicators. In 2018 ARMEDANGELS was able to maintain its monitoring percentage at 100% of its production volume, by using FWF audits for its production locations in Turkey, Tunisia and China and additional monitoring activities in Portugal. This monitoring percentage, combined with a benchmark score of 84, means that FWF has awarded ARMEDANGELS the
‘Leader’ status.

ARMEDANGELS’ frequent visits, its subcontractor policy and stable supplier base, enables the company to successfully monitor their production locations and work on realising improvements with a shared responsibility approach. The company’s due diligence and monitoring activities are strongly embedded in the company with the Head of Buying and top-management supporting the implementation of the Code of Labour Practices. ARMEDANGELS continued working on reducing excessive overtime and is recommended to continue investigating root causes and insights, particularly during sampling periods. ARMEDANGELS worked with one of its Turkish suppliers to implement the process of registration and work-permits of undocumented Syrian workers. After a FWF audit concluded nontransparent wage and overtime records, ARMEDANGELS has worked with the supplier to successfully phase out double bookkeeping.

In 2018 ARMEDANGELS implemented an open costing methodology based on FWF’s labour minute costing approach. Throughout 2018, the company managed to receive all required cost break down information that has given extensive insights in to the link between labour costs and prices. The company includes open costing on its own operations as part of these discussions. ARMEDANGELS implemented a company wide ambition to pay 20% above minimum wages for all suppliers, which is reflected in the buying prices. FWF encourages ARMEDANGELS to continue working on implementing and verifying the target wage is paid.


Score: 84

Percentage under monitoring: 100%

Category: Leader


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