Solo invest is a French company that joined FWF in June 2014.

Brand Performance Check 2019

Sol’s has shown progress and met most of FWFs’ performance requirements. The brand monitored 81% of its production, meeting the minimum required threshold for this Brand Performance Check. With a score of 58, Sol’s is in the ‘Good’ category for this past financial year.

Sol’s has very high leverage in – and long term relationships with – many of its production locations. The brand started with a new production location in Myanmar. Sol’s main focus for both production and FWF monitoring is in Bangladesh, where it has a local office (Dakha Liaison Office, DLO) that allows it to follow up on CAP remediation.

The member could show progress in CAP monitoring but needs to be vigilant about country-specific risks. For that, it should investigate how its agents conduct due diligence for potential new factories.
Sol’s is required to ensure the CoLP and questionnaires are returned by all factories before placing orders, and that Worker Information Sheets are also posted on the factory walls.

Sol’s explained that it hired new sourcing staff and will open an office in China to monitor production there. These new measures will be reflected in the next Brand Performance Check and should enable Sol’s to improve even more.

Score: 58

% under monitoring: 81

Score: Good


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