Takko Holding

Takko Fashion, a leading value fashion retailer with outlets in 17 European countries, joined Fair Wear Foundation on 1 October 2011.

Brand Performance Check 2018

Takko met most of FWF’s management system requirements to improve working conditions. Takko monitored an impressive 99% of its total purchasing volume, which is well above the 90% required of brands in 3+ years of membership. Combined with a benchmarking score of 64, this places Takko in the ‘Good’ category.

Takko has made significant progress in consolidating its supplier base. Total number of suppliers went from 329 to 298 during the previous financial year. It is furthermore noteworthy that the total FOB volume from suppliers with which Takko enjoys a long-term business relation exceeding five years has increased from 58% to 73%.

Thanks to its local offices in South East Asia, Takko is frequently auditing its suppliers and is able to actively follow-up to remediate complaints and audit findings. However, in high-risk countries where Takko has no local auditors (including Turkey and Pakistan) monitoring and follow-up is less strong. Takko has strong systems for due dilligence in place.

In its monitoring, Takko needs to develop a pricing policy where the company staff knows that their prices are allowing for the payment of at least legal minimum wages in production countries, which means labour costs per product should be known. Takko is furthermore advised to investigate and ensure that the use of agents does not lead to price pressure at its production locations.

Score: 64
Percentage under monitoring: 99%
Category: Good


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