The Cotton Group

In February of 2017, the Cotton Group, which markets B&C began their own FWF membership. Before that they were a subsidiary of Fristads Kansas Group.


Performance Check 2018

In 2017, B&C met most of FWF’s performance requirements. It monitored 62% of its production volume, thereby meeting the monitoring threshold of 40% required for the first year of membership. With a benchmarking score of 42 points, B&C is awarded the ‘Good’ category.

B&C is currently a brand of Fristads Kansas Group, and has been a FWF member through Fristads Kansas Group since 2015 and the Kwintet Group since 2008. In this first year of membership as an independent member, B&C has focused on setting up systems and allocating resources to fulfill membership requirements. Its business model of selling promotional wear through wholesalers, with styles developed and kept in the collection for many years, allows the brand to work with the same suppliers over a long term, using sizeable capacity at its key production locations. Additionally, this also facilitates better production planning, with the brand having knowledge of costing and capacities of all suppliers and the sales budget. The sales forecast further supports an informed production forecast.

With 100% of its production in high risk countries, B&C does not demonstrate the necessary robust system/guidelines to consistently evaluate, support, mitigate and remediate risks in the context of supplier selection and engagement decisions. In the case of sourcing from Bangladesh (82%), B&C has not signed the Accord on Fire and Building Safety and does not have a policy requiring production locations to be part of the Accord remediation. Generally, conducting business in areas at a higher risk for human rights abuses requires more stringent levels of due diligence, and FWF recommends that the brand reviews in detail the requirements of the FWF Enhanced Monitoring Programme for Bangladesh and takes necessary steps to mitigate risks. Additionally, FWF encourages B&C to develop an evaluation/grading system for suppliers where compliance with labour standards is a criterion for future order placement.

Benchmarking score: 42
Percentage under monitoring: 62%
Category: Good


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