van Laack

Van Laack is a German brand, producing and distributing men’s and women’s wear. Van Laack joined FWF in April 2017.

Brand performance check 2018

Van Laack GmbH has shown insufficient progress in performance indicators. With a benchmarking score of 28 points and a monitoring percentage of 34% Van Laack is placed in the ‘Needs Improvement’ category after their first year of membership.

There are strong basic conditions in place to perform well on the Brand Performance Check Indicators: Van Laack owns two factories and it sources 83% from their own production locations. Van Laack GmbH has a relatively short tail end and a long term relationship with most of their suppliers. Van Laack GmbH made a very well motivated choice for FWF membership, also considering the organisation of their own supply chain. However, the main reason for placement in the ‘needs improvement’ category is that, for some differing reasons, there was not sufficient capacity available to integrate the FWF indicators in the day-to-day operation and to work on progress on the indicators.
FWF urges Van Laack GmbH to assign a specific person with sufficient time and resources assigned for FWF membership to focus on issues like updating the organisation of FWF membership, approaching suppliers to post the worker information sheet, CAP follow-up, production planning or making the relationship between prices and wages explicit.


Score: 28  Percentage under monitoring: 34%  Category: Needs improvement

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