Vanilia is a Dutch fashion brand that joined Fair Wear Foundation May 2014.

Brand performance check 2015

Vanilia is in the process of implementing FWF’s management system requirements. The company joined FWF in May 2014; this performance check assesses the last 8 months of 2014.

More than 90% of Vanilia’s volume is produced in a production facility in Turkey which is partly owned by the company – an unsual supply supply chain structure, especially for a fashion company. Vanilia thus has direct impact on working conditions at this facility. An audit, conducted in August 2014, showed that there was no excessive overtime, and wages were above minimum wage level.

Vanilia has used – and continues to use – its position to make concrete improvements after the audit, investing in improvements to health and safety standards. As a next step, the factory could enroll in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme to increase awareness of labour rights and strengthen communication between workers and management.

For the remaining 10% of its suppliers, Vanilia is expected to set up systems to structurally investigate and monitor working conditions. Vanilia can gain more insight into the wage levels at the suppliers and discuss ways to move towards payment of a living wage.

A small share of Vanilia’s sales comes from selling external brands in their own shops. Vanilia will inform external brands of FWF membership and investigate whether those brands have an acceptable monitoring system to improve working conditions.

Score: 63 Percentage under monitoring: 92% Category: Good

Read the full report here.

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