FWF launches first new Brand Performance Checks

Fair Wear Foundation is launching its new Brand Performance Checks system. On Thursday the first new reports go online. The high level of transparency into the operations of FWF member brands, allows FWF to provide more directed feedback, so brands can set clear targets on how to improve labour conditions.

Through the Brand Performance Check system, FWF publicly reports on how the decisions of clothing brands support human rights compliance in their supply chains. The system includes a scoring and benchmarking element. Brand performance is evaluated against a range of indicators.  Does production planning support reasonable working hours? How does it follow up on complaints from workers? What actions does a brand take to implement living wages?

Based on the scores, FWF member brands are rated Leader, Good or Needs Improvement. ‘Good’ status is necessary to remain a FWF member; lower scores require improvement – or exit. The rating system provides a chance for FWF affiliates to communicate more clearly on their successes. It makes it easier for consumers to find out how their favourite brand is performing.

date: 10/07/2014

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