FWF launches Wage Ladder

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) this week launched the public version of the FWF Wage Ladder, an innovative new online tool funded by Dutch trade union CNV. The FWF Wage Ladder helps brands, factories and labour groups make real progress towards living wages for garment and other workers.

The export-oriented garment industry has great potential to lift millions of workers worldwide out of poverty.

‘The obvious answer to relieving the poverty of workers participating in garment supply chains is to find mechanisms that increase the wages of those at the bottom of the supply chain,’ says FWF director Erica van Doorn.

While global garment supply chains generate enormous wealth, improving wages, has proven a challenge.
Progress has stalled in discussions about what, exactly, constitutes a living wage. Sidestepping these discussions, FWF has developed a web-based tool that will help garment brands and factories to get to work on gradually improving workers’ wages.

The Wage Ladder allows the wages paid at any factory to be compared against a set of wage benchmarks which have been created by NGOs, labour groups, business associations, and government agencies.  The simple-to-use tool generates a clear, easily understandable visual layout that shows where a factory’s wages fall short in comparison to these benchmarks.  This provides a basis for negotiating improvements between factories and brands and, ideally, worker representatives.

Download the full press release here in English, German or Dutch.

For access to the FWF Wage Ladder, start here.

date: 24/11/2011

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